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Transitions and Leavings

My final message to you all was really last Sunday’s worship service. While I shared a lot about me, I want to lift up the words shared at the end of my sermon:

If you don’t remember anything else, I hope you remember that everything you do here is faith formation. The church is a living, breathing body of faith formation–it is in your moments of quiet, celebration, song, connection, anger, grief, conflict, the way you welcome a stranger, the way you include children. Everything you do together is informed by and informs your understanding of Unitarian Universalism and our covenantal tradition. I pray that my leaving play a role as well–a time for you to envision the next step, to renew your commitment to this community. We all experience times when our values and our living are out of alignment, times when we start again down a new path. This is my time and I will leave with the joy of having been witness to your spiritual growth and with the joy of having served you.

And when I depart, it becomes my professional responsibility to stay out of the way for whatever comes next for you. You will find the right person for Live Oak and they will have their own ideas, their own style, their own quirks and I know you will accept them with open arms – just like you did me. In the meantime, you are in great hands with Cindy at the helm. Help her however you can.

My only wish is that whatever comes next for Live Oak, you are able to let go of some of the disappointment and despair and remember to love. Love yourselves.  Love each other. Let love be the foundation of the actions you take in the world.

You will be in my heart as I transition into retirement and what comes next. Thank you for the support and love you have given me during my tenure at Live Oak. Blessings on your future as a congregation.

Much love,