UU Lent, a photo a day

calendar for a UU Photo a Day Lenten practice

Many Unitarian Universalists are participating in a photo-based creative project during the time of Lent (March 6 – April 18). During this period, the idea is that you’ll take the suggested theme for the day, meditate or reflect on it, then take one picture that you feel represents that concept. Then, UUs share their photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #UULent.

Even if you’re not interested in participating, it’s thought-provoking to see others’ photos. The interpretation of others on a theme resonates with me, and opens my mind to other ideas than what I might thing of, from my experience.

That, of course, is a significant part of our religion. We don’t just draw wisdom from world religions and philosophies, we draw wisdom from each other. On Sundays, I often give the reminder that “it matters that you’re here.” We talk, we exchange ideas, and we are expanded beyond our own experiences. Every Sunday, we are creating a collective pool of wisdom made up of those who show up. (So I really hope you’ll be here, because we are diminished by your absence.)

Want to check out some of those photos? Just go to Twitter.com, Facebook.com, or download Instagram, then put #UULent in the search box. And be sure to share yours!