The Joy of Feeling Hopeful

How are you feeling, friends?

Between the cold front that blew in, seeing the parents with children between ages 5 and 11 posting about getting scheduled for the covid vaccine, and planning out our December worship services (including Christmas Eve!), I am experiencing a vague feeling I sorta remember from the past …

Hope. And even the excitement of anticipation.

It seems clear that we’re never going to get a clear moment of “The Pandemic is Over!”, rushing into the streets like they did on V.E. day. The pandemic is still occurring, and we are in different places – yet again – right now. (Parents of those under 5, I SEE YOU.)

But the community spread of covid continues to decrease, and so we are making plans for the future. As of right now, elves are at work planning for Selfies with Santa on December 11 (most likely outdoors), Rebecca and I lined out the Christmas Eve service (good chance it’ll be indoors), Carrie is working on the All Ages holiday service … and we’re also looking forward to new programs in January. Crossed fingers, but I am hopeful we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like a giant Christmas tree.

But first things first … in order to get to that “light at the end of the tunnel,” we need to have a strong finish to our stewardship drive. So far we have raised $160,000, of our goal of $246,000. For those that haven’t yet pledged, we need to finalize our numbers so the board can plan next year’s budget. If you haven’t already, please fill out this easy online form with your pledge:

Not comfortable with online forms? Let me know! Email me at or call me – (737) 240-3345.

It’s been a difficult 20 months, on all levels. But I am so proud of all that Live Oak accomplished. My mind is full with so many special moments – our drive-by events (remember Santa going up to each car to reassure children that he’d be coming to their house on Christmas Eve?), Fresh Food for All breaking records in how many families we served, filling numerous containers with water for everyone in our area who lost water during the winter storm, Live Oak members testifying at the Capitol or at their school boards, members sending in videos for our worship services, chatting on Zoom during fellowship time … we have created a very special story together.

Please add to our Congregational Survival Story with your pledge. And as always, thank you for being a part of this community.