The Social Justice Ministry Team decided that our involvement with TXUUJM will be put on hold and reevaluated at a later date. 9/5.2021

The Texas UU Justice Ministry (TXUUJM) is a collaboration of 25 UU congregations in Texas. The organization is affiliated with the nation-wide UU State Action Network and has chosen the following issues for priority in 2020-2022:

1. Racial Justice
2. Environmental Justice
3. Healthcare Access
4. Economic Justice
5. Voting Rights

As a member of TXUUJM, Live Oak will adopt at least one of these issue for work during this time period. This page and other venues will be a conduit for information about the activities of TXUUJM and how Live Oak members may become involved. This page will also highlight the justice activities at Live Oak relevant to TXUUJM.

Monthly Reports 2021


Darius reports from the TXUUJM:

For questions or interest, contact Carmen Rumbaut or Darius Long