Summer, summer, summertime …

It has already begun, the summer flitting away on this trip or that. Summer camps, summer vacations, summer projects. We’ve got some great summer programs for when you’re here, AND we realize summer is peak time for getting away.

So right now, add one thing to your calendar, and one thing to your to-do list:


On your calendar for September 1, write in big letters, “CHURCH REUNION!” That’s the Sunday when we all come back together, to be welcomed home, and to celebrate the ways in which our individual journeys merge into one. This year, we want to really make it a reunion. Do you have friends who used to attend Live Oak? Invite them to come to our church reunion! We want to celebrate our history, and they were a part of it. Many of them “dug the wells from which we now drink.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a reunion without food. What are the foods you associate with reunions and family picnics? Start thinking about what you’ll bring to the potluck!

And that brings me to:


Please add “water for water communion” to your to-do list. As you journey through your summer, save a little water to bring back for our water ceremony in the worship service. Maybe it’s water from Lake Murray (where our UU summer family camp, “The Point,” is held). Or water from the ocean. Or from a fjord. Or from your backyard spigot! Water is all around us, in meaningful and ordinary ways.

A friend of mine, whenever he returns from his travels, always posts on social media, “East, West, HOME’S BEST.” We look forward to having fun together at Live Oak this summer, and that everyone who travels has meaningful (and safe) journeys. And we’re already looking forward to being together again, and being able to say, “WELCOME HOME.”