Summer is Coming

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through March. Spring is just around the corner, followed by the last day of school and then summer vacation! I wanted to give you an update on what’s coming for faith development and ask for your help.

While we offer religious education (RE) for all ages during the school year, I can be difficult to staff RE for children and youth during the summer. People travel, attendance is sporadic, and let’s face it, sometimes we just want to skip the worship when Reverend Joanna isn’t in the pulpit! This summer we will be offering a multi-age opportunity for our classes. Middle and High School youth are encouraged to come be leaders alongside adults as our younger children engage in ‘Books and Cooks’.

This curriculum uses stories about food and cooking to give children a “taste” of different cultures around the world. It fits in with our UU principles that encourage us to learn, grow, and to value and respect each other to build a more peaceful world. Additionally, the stories in this curriculum expose children to lessons about helping each other, being part of a community, being adventurous, being independent, sharing and the importance of family.

In addition, I would like to plan a monthly gathering for the middle and high school youth that is just for fun. That takes adults willing to host, help plan, and possibly transport youth.

What do you say? Are you up for an adventure this summer? Have ideas you want for the youth and want to help out? Watch for a sign-up coming the first Sunday in April via the newsletter and also posted in the Narthex. Then, take a moment to consider how you will serve our children and youth this summer, especially if you haven’t been involved during this past year. Engaging with them is part of building and strengthening our multi-generational community.

What about adults? Are you interested in something over the summer? Maybe conversations on the worship service or another small group offering? Reach out to me and if there is enough interest I’ll see what the Adult Faith Development team can do.

And if you already know you are willing to serve, please let me know so I can begin planning now. You’ll get your first pick of dates. 😉

See you on Sunday!

Carrie Krause, DLFD