Slow Church

At a recent meeting with colleagues, one of them said something about doing slow church right now. That really resonated with me. Not because it is less work, but because it is a way of seeing the time we do spend together as a sacred and set apart from the rest of our lives.

We have meetings nearly every day of the week and small group ministry is gearing up to begin in a week or two. However, during this strange time, our lives are dissimilar. Slow means different things to everyone. Some are ready to take on even more learning, while others simply need a way to clear their minds for 10 minutes because of all that they’re juggling. They just need to breathe!

For those who are looking for more, I’m building a web page of resources, listing programs that you may consider as part of your own self-study. You may also find a friend or two at church who would like to join you in the program. If the cost of a course is a barrier, please send an email to to request a scholarship.

There are many local trainings available and our Social Action chair lists many of those on the Live Oak Social Action Facebook page. I will focus on ongoing classes or programs that offer regular opportunities to meet, especially now that we are meeting virtually. The page is live on the website, but still in formation and no where near complete.

One particular recommendation with a fast-approaching deadline (registration closes Sept. 20) is a virtual offering of Beloved Conversations from the Fahs Collaborative at Meadville-Lombard Theological School. You can read more about it here. And if you have taken a course that aligns with our values and deepened your own sense of how to live your life, please send me an email and I can add it to the list!

*See* you on Sunday,

Carrie Krause, DLFD