Shelter in Peace

The High Holy Days are over for our Jewish friends, and I have been interested in how they made it through those, doing services in virtual fashion. From them, we can get ideas about the upcoming holidays we will be doing in this weird pandemic world.

One Rabbi shared with other clergy something their congregation gave to every member: a “Shelter in Peace” box, a High Holy Day Care package. The Rabbi thought this might be something others would like to do during their holidays, perhaps an “Advent Box.”

What a great idea – and not just for kids, but wouldn’t it be great if every Live Oak household got one? I anticipate the holidays are going to have their challenges. This would be a tangible way of reminding everyone, on a daily basis, that they are part of a loving community, and are not alone. (I can see us posting similar things on social media on some days, too. What a great way to show others about the fun we have at Live Oak!)

Carrie and I are happy to be involved, but in order to make this happen, we’ll need a team to take this on. Would you be willing to help? We’d like to have as large a team as possible, so even if what you could do is limited, please join us! Let me know by October 23 if you can help. If we have enough people for a team, we’ll proceed.