Share the Plate Recipients for 2020

The Share the Plate Team wants to thank everyone who submitted nominations for our Share the Plate partners for this year. We had 25 nominations for some pretty great organizations. We want you to know that we worked hard to be as inclusive and diverse as possible in our picks. We researched past years and their donation amounts and tried to figure out which organizations best represented the values of the Live Oak community. Please know that if your nomination was not selected as a partner, all it means is that we don’t have enough months in the year to select it and we encourage you to submit that organization again next year (but please confirm it is a 501c3 organization first! We had a few nominations that were not). Feel free to contact if you have any questions about the selection process.

With that being said, here are the 11 Share the Plate recipients for next year. Why only 11? We had 11 that were voted on by either a unanimous or 2/3 majority so we decided to use those 11 and leave one month for any causes that occur during the year that we might want to support (natural disasters or other national tragedies). Should we not need to exercise this option by December we will figure it out from there.

Our 2020 Share the Plate partners are:

-Hill Country Community Ministries, our annual partner in conjunction with our signature project. Jen Searight from Fresh Food Fridays will be speaking at both services tomorrow about the program

-Lunch Counts!, an organization started by a local 8th grader last year to pay off student lunch debt at various public schools in the area

-SAFE: Stop Abuse For Everyone, a local organization aimed at ending domestic abuse

-Resolve, a national infertility organization that provides resources and support to families hoping to add to their families

-Via Hope, a Texas-based organization for mental health support

-UBarU, the UU camp and retreat center in Kerrville that we partner with every year

-ATX Helps, a local group of business professionals, faith-based organizations, and other local groups, dedicated to providing housing for the homeless

-Samaritan Health Ministries, a health clinic for the uninsured in Wilco and Travis County

-Freedom to Read, a national organization founded by the American Library Association that protects and defends the First Amendment, and libraries’ and individuals’ rights to information

-Breast Cancer Resource Center, a national organization with a local chapter, that offers support, advice, and services free of charge to breast cancer patients

-Kind Clinic, a local health clinic focused primarily on the LGBTQIA community

Want to speak in services about any of these organizations? We welcome you. Speakers are invited to sign up for either or both services on the first and third Sunday of each month.

Looking forward to a great year of partnerships!

-the Share the Plate Team Cindy La Greca , Jennifer Hale, and Rie Mulling