Phoenix Rising

The myth of the glorious Phoenix, the Firebird, rising from the ashes of its former self or from the flames of devastation is attributed to ancient Egypt. It was thought to be a sacred bird associated with the sun god.  In subsequent centuries other cultures—Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese and Hindu among others were drawn to the symbol and brought different meanings to it, but rebirth or regeneration dominate.  The pandemic caused world-wide devastation and now it is our challenge and opportunity to determine how our individual Phoenix rises.

Barb Rausin first came to Live Oak on its first day in the El Salido location and soon realized that she had found her first ever church home.   She came looking for community, not religion, because she had already adopted principles of zen, wicca and pacifism. What a joy to have these and so many others honored by this loving congregation.

Barb’s family is small but precious: daughter Jen, son Eric, his wife Krista and their children Arielle and Kai. None of them are local but always close at heart. Barb has lived in many places and has a widely diverse work history, starting at age 16 in Pacific Tel & Tel, l7 years in the fashion field as a retail copywriter, advertising manager, reporter for WWD. Then 12 years as co-founder, co-manager of Exportations,  15 years with diverse roles in a Fortune 500 computer corporation, years as a realtor in 3 different states…and the list goes on.