Our Year (kind of) Apart

It has been a year since Covid-19 caused the “life as we know it” to change. During this time, we have experienced sorrow, fear, ingenuity, and expressions of great generosity. Join us for this special service uniting Unitarian Universalist religious professionals around the country as we bear witness to this anniversary and respond with hope.

Mx. Katharine Childs, Unitarian Church of Montreal
Rev. Matthew Crary, Borderlands Unitarian Universalist
Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford, Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church
Aisha Hauser, CRE-ML, Church of the Larger Fellowship
Rev. Walter LeFlore, Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke
Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd, River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Fork
Rev. Darcy Roake, Community Church Unitarian Universalist, New Orleans
Rev. Nathan Ryan, Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge
Kathy Smith, CRE, Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge
Rev. Pamela Wat, First Unitarian Church of Wilmington