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Who are the “teammates” in your life? And what does it mean to be optimistic in 2022? We close out the Ted Lasso series by looking closer at some of the wisdom shared in the Ted Lasso show to see what we might find helpful … read more.

Goldfish and Ghosts

We begin our January “Ted Lasso” sermon series with an interactive, ritual-based service called the “Fire Communion.” Come in person Sunday at 10 am for an outdoor service at Live Oak (also Livestreamed) where we honor the past, and let it go. Please bring your … read more.

Following the Star

Epiphany is the moment we knew our lives would be the same. In a thousand huge and miniscule ways, we experienced epiphany all throughout 2021. Now we are in 2022, knowing differently. What did we realize and when? What might we know next?

The Ancient Yuletide Carol

Whose holiday is it, anyway? Historians point out the pagan roots of Yule amidst voices calling for a more religious and less inclusive Christmas. In truth, the holiday has always been a melding of traditions, a pluralistic celebration of humanity and the world in which … read more.

A Very Unitarian Christmas

Note: There will be only one service on December 12th. “A Very Unitarian Christmas” will be held at 9:30 AM, in person and online, and it will be followed by a Congregational Meeting at 10:30 AM.

Join all ages as we explore the Christmas holidays through … read more.

Welcoming In the Yuletide

Thousands of years of evolution have wired us for a winter holiday season … and this past year has amplified the need. It’s a time for celebrating transformation, hope, and joy.