Resilience Requires Recovery – for everyone!

“Are you getting excited?” my mom asked me this morning.

I knew what she was referring to. I’m leaving Saturday for a week’s tropical vacation with Tom. The two grandmothers are staying with the kids, and so it’ll be just Tom and me, hanging out in paradise with my brother and sister-in-law. Perfect, right?

And yet, I hesitated. Do you ever do that? I’ve got things I”m right in the middle of, and have the supreme blessing of really loving my job. And, I’ll confess, the whole “getting there” – planes, tickets, passports — is not relaxing, is it? (Star Trek, you really kinda ruined me for travel. Why can’t I just beam somewhere?)

I fuss at myself for my lack of gratitude, even if it’s just fleeting. I am lucky to get to go on a trip like this. I’m profoundly lucky to be at a church where the leaders make a point to tell me, “Have a wonderful, relaxing time!”

A couple of months ago, I needed to do research for a sermon about what we need to truly recharge. “Resilience requires recovery,” was the inescapable conclusion. All of us need vacations. Our brains, like overstimulated toddlers, need breaks. Even if — or especially if — our regular life is wonderful and exciting all on its own, we need recovery time.

So next week, I’ll be reading books, but not email. Neither Tom nor I are taking our computers. He’ll be on a boat, getting in some deep-sea fishing. Thankfully, I’ll be on shore, taking long beach walks, exploring the town, and snapping scads of pictures.

And hopefully, I’ll return with a little bit of extra energy, a little bit of extra creativity for all of the wonderful things happening at Live Oak this spring. New slogans on our sign! An “Exploring Membership” class at the end of March! The service auction! Picnics outside! Easter!

But for now, it’s off to vacation. So tell me — how do you rest your brain and find recovery?