Pre-Kindergarten — ages 3 to 5 years

Religious Education Class at 10:00 am -10:50 am

Our PreK class uses a modified “Spirit Play” model in the classroom. Each week they gather to light the chalice, share, hear a story with the aid of 3D objects, and engage with the story through hands-on activities. Through the stories presented and the rituals shared, the children are introduced to Unitarian Universalism in a safe, and loving space for them to grow. To learn more about “Spirit Play” visit

Stellaluna Story Basket
Stellaluna Story Basket


Children’s Chapel for ages 3 – 7 during both Worship Services.

We have an offering for parents during our Worship Services – Children’s Chapel. This is our Worship with “training wheels” (thanks Rev. Joanna for the term!). Our goal is for the entire family to worship together at either one of our Worship Services. For children who need to work up to the task of sitting in Worship with their family for the entire hour, they can choose to attend Children’s Chapel in Room 106 with Ms. Monica and Ms. Zooey. The children will learn about the different elements of Worship. They will create their alter each time they attend; choose readings to light the Chalice, learn songs, listen to music, hear a reading and more. When they are ready to graduate up to All Ages Worship, they will receive a Milestone Button specially created by our own Michael Van Slyke and Amanda Ondrey. Ms. Monica and Ms. Zooey will be waiting to share Children’s Chapel with any children age 3 – 7 years.