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Class Groupings

Our elementary classes are divided into groups depending on enrollment numbers. These groups meet weekly during Religious Education time. In addition there are multiple opportunities through the year for all elementary children to mix it up in different age groups. This fosters cross age friendships and builds mentorship in the older children. Information about getting to and from class can be found here.

Religious Education Curriculum

Elementary classes will use a thematic approach for 2017-2018, inspired by the Way Cool Sunday School, Workshop Rotation and Multiple Intelligences models of UU Religious Education. (Read about these models at Each week children gather for the theme introduction through story-telling, then choose an activity to engage them in deeper understanding or exploration of the topic. One theme is explored through different stories and activities for 3-4 Sundays, moving from personal understanding to ways to act in the world. Each lesson is rooted in our UU principles and sources.

Themes for the year are: Invitation, Letting Go, Gratitude, Light & Dark, Resistance, Intimacy, Liberation, Creation and Simplicity

 Thematic Curriculum Love

Social Action Learning

Engaging in Social Action is an important part of our faith formation. We strive to foster awareness of injustice and instill the courage and resilience in our children to stand up for justice in their lives. Most months a Social Action project or activity will be built into the thematic program. Occasionally these may be larger learning opportunities for all ages, based on worship and actions the congregation is taking.

How do I make church a habit?

We encourage consistent attendance and parental involvement, which demonstrate to your children that their spiritual development within a sustaining community is an important part of their faith development. Family discussion and practice of the theme is helpful in bringing the message of Unitarian Universalism into your daily life. Check back monthly for posts with ways to take the theme home!