Why Faith Development?

“We live in a system whose core belief is that we are self-interested individuals. Liberal religious education challenges this view.” (Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker)

“The purpose of education is humanization. To be fully human is to be a subject who acts upon and transforms the world, and in so doing, moves toward ever new possibilities of fuller and richer life individually and collectively.” (Paulo Friere, Pedagogy of the Oppressed)

Adult Faith Formation classes are designed to provide the opportunity to learn together in a covenanted community and rediscover the capacity to “consciously and critically experience the world.” This year our church theme is “Our 7 Principles” and our faith development offerings are meant to reinforce that theme by providing opportunities to grow in our understanding of what motivates us to live out our values. And, because we are Unitarian Universalists, a piece of our theology is acting for justice so we will offer several Action Sundays for learning and doing together!


We offer drop-in classes on Sunday morning between the services, and classes requiring registration will be offered at other times during the week, with a few exceptions. This is noted on each class description, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Classes outside of Sunday morning RE time include the option for childcare which must be requested when registering. We ask that you make a commitment to regularly attend any class you register for, as classes are designed to build community and understanding throughout the series of sessions, and our facilitators are giving their time to plan each session. We encourage you to attend as many of the drop-in classes as you can, because they, too, are an opportunity for community building and personal growth.

There is no cost for most classes. Exceptions to this are for the cost of materials, like a required book or special supplies, and costs will be provided up front.

Below you will find a listing of currently planned offerings with descriptions underneath the tables. **Please note that the class schedule is subject to change and any updates will be posted here. 

Sept – Dec 2019 Class Offerings

Drop in Sessions
10:05 – 10:55 AM
Room 109

9/22-10/20Principles in Action
10/27Cards of Compassion (All ages Action Sunday)
11/3 – 11/17Death and Dying; I. Grief & Death, II. Planning for Your
Death, III. Practical Advice for the Living
11/24Thanksgiving Action Project (All ages Action Sunday)
12/1 – 12/8Principles in Action
12/15 – 12/22Universalism 101

Principles in Action
Drop in for a discussion on the worship service topic of the morning as we explore the theme of our seven principles. Each time we meet we will consider the principle presented and how it is evident in our lives. What does it take to honor the inherent worth and dignity of all people? What do we mean when we say a free and responsible search for truth and meaning? Where do you struggle in living into our covenant we call the principles? This is a chance to learn from each other and share your own success and struggle on the journey.

Death and Dying
What is your personal understanding of death, both for yourself and in relationship to those you have lost? What does grief look like? How do you plan for your own death? How do you navigate the myriad of legal steps when someone dies? These 3 sessions will look at how we prepare for death and provide advice based on experience and our UU theology.

Universalism 101
Join our intern minister, Kiya Heartwood, for a quick look at Universalism both past and present. This will not be an extensive study, but an overview of key moments and people in our movement and theology.

Chalice Circles (Starting in the Fall)
Are you ready to commit to 8 deepening sessions with focused learning on a topic relating to Unitarian Universalism? Facilitation materials for circles will be provided by Live Oak staff and the individual circles will determine when they meet and how to share leadership responsibilities. The only requirements are that the group meet twice a month for four months and follow the guidelines for participation in a covenant group, which include committing to show up, sharing the time, and remaining a closed group until the end of the 8 sessions. You can learn more on September 15th between the services. (10 AM)

Jan – May 2020 Class Offerings

Drop in Sessions
10:05 – 10:55 AM
Room 109

1/5 – 2/2The Corruption of Our Democracy
2/9 Valentines All Ages Action Sunday
2/16 – 3/22Principles in Action
3/8Intro to Spiritual Practice
3/29Unbirthday Celebration for All
4/5 – 5/31Miracles (except Easter Sunday)
4/26Spiritual Practice Conclusion
(More detail below)

The Corruption of Our Democracy
This Congregational Study Action Issue Guide on “The Corruption of Our Democracy” invites us to learn a new narrative and work to create a truly inclusive democracy that challenges the exploitation of peoples and natural resources by corporate and political power at the expense of the common good and our collective future. It is a call to live into what Unitarian theologian Rev. James Luther Adams called “the prophet-hood of all believers.” It is a call to envision our role as a faith community to promote a societal ethos that affirms dignity for all, that takes responsibility for the human role in ecological disaster, and an openness to rethink our use of political power and production of wealth.

Spiritual Practices
What is a spiritual practice and why does engaging in one support our growth? This will be a hybrid learning lab. Join Carrie Krause, DLFD as we experiment and share spiritual practice together. We will begin with a drop-in intro session (3/8) and then meet virtually for a few weeks before completing our journey with a concluding session (4/26).

This UUA curriculum is designed to be used in multigenerational settings and our younger classes will be engaged with this curriculum at the same time as adults. This eight-session program invites a prolonged encounter with awe and wonder. Stories from our Unitarian Universalist Sources and hands-on activities engage a wide age span of participants to discern miracles, experience and express awe and wonder, and discover their own agency for miracle-making. Participants make a uniquely Unitarian Universalist inquiry—a religious search which simultaneously embraces the awesome truth of a miracle’s mystery and the “how and why” of rational explanation. Participants explore different kinds of miracles, from the awesome, ordered beauty of Earth and all life on it, to their own capacity to transform themselves and others to bring forth love and justice. 

Classes Requiring Registration

New UU
February 9 – March 8, 10:05 – 10:55 AM
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? New to Unitarian Universalism, or just finding your UU spiritual path changing as you grow and want to share? Consider joining our New UU class starting on February 17th. This class is designed for us to get to know each other and explore the spectrum of beliefs and practices that Unitarian Universalists embody, as well as get a taste of the theological grounding of our faith tradition. We ask that you plan to attend all five sessions. Registration for this class will be posted in January.

Articulating Your Unitarian Universalist Faith (Workshop)
Saturday, February 23
9 AM – 5 PM
Want time to frame what you say when someone asks what you believe? Can you give a brief and accurate overview of Unitarian Universalism that is compelling to others? Join this workshop where we will take time to reflect on our personal and collective understanding of Unitarian Universalism and construct an ‘elevator’ speech for just such times. Registration for this class will be posted in January.

Thanks for your interest in our Religious Education program at Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church. If you have any questions, please use this form and we'll return your email soon.