As Unitarian Universalists we believe that revelation is not sealed but ever unfolding. Part of our spiritual practice is continuing to educate ourselves and challenge our thinking throughout our lives. Adult Faith Formation classes are designed to provide the opportunity to learn together in a covenanted community. “Live a Life on Fire” is our church theme this year and our faith development offerings are meant to reinforce that theme by providing opportunities to grow in our understanding of what motivates us to live out our values. Part of our learning will focus on our own and shared theology — our answers to what it means to be human, to exist, to live a good life, and more. And, because we are Unitarian Universalists, a piece of our theology is acting for justice so we will offer a series of social action Sundays for learning and doing together!

We offer drop-in classes on Sunday morning, and our classes requiring registration will be offered at other times during the week, with a few exceptions. This is noted on each class description, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Classes outside of Sunday morning RE time include the option for childcare which must be requested when registering. We ask that you make a commitment to regularly attend any class you register for, as classes are designed to build community and understanding throughout the series of sessions, and our facilitators are giving their time to plan each session. We encourage you to attend as many of the drop-in classes as you can, because they, too, are an opportunity for community building and personal growth.

There is no cost for most classes. Exceptions to this are for the cost of materials, like a required book or special supplies, and costs will be provided up front.

For information on Summer classes, please visit Summer Faith Development Schedule


Updates for fall classes will be posted by late August 2019. The list below is from this past year so you can see the general scope of our offerings.

Drop-In Classes

Fuller Theological Discussions
1st Sundays, 10:00 – 10:55 AM
Oct. 7, 2018 through May 5, 2019
Room 109

Margaret Fuller, a transcendentalist, writer, and editor of The Dial, hosted weekly conversations for the women of her time on important subjects. Her conversations were designed to bring clarity and precision to their thinking. One of my favorite quotes of hers is, “Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow.” 

Although these monthly discussions are not about Margaret Fuller, our theological discussions are named after her because it is our hope that these also will help to bring clarity and precision to your own thinking on the big questions that we ask throughout life in order to help you grow.

Each month we will address a theological term in relationship to both Unitarian Universalist heritage and the future of our faith. We will have an opportunity to share our theological diversity and seek to define what we hold in common as Unitarian Universalists, using our own experience, readings from Unitarian and Universalist theologians, and other liberal theologies.

These discussions are intended to appeal to those who are newer to Unitarian Universalism and those who have been part of the faith for a longer time.

Oct 7
Nov 4
Dec 2
Christology—Reframing the story
Jan 6
Eschatology—Prophetic Voices
Feb  3
James Luther Adams/5 Smooth Stones
Mar 3
Apr 7
May 5
Ecclesiology—Covenant & Polity


Social Action Sundays
3rd Sundays, 10:00 – 10:55 AM
October 21, 2018 through April 28, 2018 (Except February, when we will meet on the second Sunday)
Room 109 or Fellowship Hall or Sanctuary (dependent on activity)

Part of living a life on fire is responding to the needs of the times and taking part in building the better world. Our Social Action Sundays will offer learning opportunities and chances to take action together, as well as a Sunday to care for ourselves as justice-makers.

Oct 21
Advocacy 101
Nov. 18
Confronting Racism - Bystander Training
Dec. 16
Holiday Card Making
Jan. 20
Planet Healers - introduction, see description below for follow-on sessions
Feb. 10
Valentines for the Legislature
Mar. 17
Justice Songs for the Journey
Apr. 28
What’s Next?


Upcoming Programming


Planet Healers: January 27, Feb. 3 and 17, 10:05 – 10:55 AM

Barbara Coldiron and her sister, Becky Allen, will be presenting a simple method to heal our climate. Becky works with Sailesh Rao, a systems specialist with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, who has been working on climate solutions and founded Climate Healers.

This method of solving the earth’s climate gives humanity a grand purpose as stewards of the planet that can save us from the next great extinction.

The Planet Healers class will be a four part series which will tie climate change not only to sustainability, but also to animals, health, and love. You are encouraged to attend all sessions as the last one will be a synthesizing of information to come up with our personal goals to heal the planet.

New UU: February 17 – March 17, 10:05 – 10:55 AM (Please register for this class at link below)

Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? New to Unitarian Universalism, or just finding your UU spiritual path changing as you grow and want to share? Consider joining our New UU class starting on February 17th. Participants will get to know each other and explore the spectrum of beliefs and practices that Unitarian Universalists embody, as well as get a sense of the theological grounding of our faith tradition. We ask that you plan to attend all five sessions.

Register online at

??? contact Carrie Krause,

UUA Common Read: Justice on Earth; April 14, 12:15 – 2:00 PM

The UUA Common Read for 2018-2019 is Justice on Earth: People of Faith Working at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Environment, edited by Manish Mishra-Marzetti and Jennifer Nordstrom (Skinner House Books, 2018).

At a time when racial justice, environmental justice, and economic justice are seen as issues competing for time, attention, and resources, Justice on Earth explores the ways in which the three are intertwined. Those on the margins are invariably those most affected by climate disaster and environmental toxins. The book asks us to recognize that our faith calls us to long-haul work for justice for our human kin, for the Earth and for all life. It invites us to look at our current challenges through a variety of different perspectives, offers tools to equip us for sustained engagement, and proposes multiple pathways for follow-up action. Justice on Earth is available at inSpirit: UU Book and Gift Shop.

**You should purchase your own copy of the book and read it ahead of the discussion.

If you are interested in this class and require childcare to participate, please email no later than two weeks prior to the class, with subject line: Common Read. Include the age(s) of your children.

Big Questions Chalice Circle: Meeting times to be determined by group

Are you ready to commit to 8 deepening sessions with a focus on the big questions of life we all ask at one time or another? Facilitation materials for this group will be provided by Live Oak staff and the group will be able to decide when they meet and how to share leadership responsibilities. The only requirements are that the group meet twice a month for four months and follow the guidelines for participation in a covenant group, which include committing to show up, sharing the time, and remaining a closed group until the end of the 8 sessions. Please indicate your interest by signing up here no later than February 1st.

If you have questions about adult programming, please contact Carrie Krause,