The recordings for most of the Live Oak services are online via this web site. There are several ways to access them:

  • Go to our Services page, locate a service that interest you, and click on the name of the service. If there is a recording for the service, there will links to Download the file recording, or Play it in a new window.
  • Go to our Podcast page, and see the latest recordings.
  • Go to our Podcast Feed page, and set up a podcast feed on your browser.
  • Or choose from the list or recordings below.

Recordings of Live Oak Services

The Water Remembers

Phoenix Rising

Side with Love

Let it Be

After the Storm

Content of Character

Happy Blitzmas!

Winter Speech Choir

Living Advent

Dreams of a New World

Becoming Trustworthy

Learning from The Blitz

Our Liminal Story

The Beauty Way

Be Bulgarian

Sinead Was Right

Songs and Stories

Why Go to Church?

Giving Up Contempt

Live Oak 101

Do No Harm!

Circles of Trust

Bread of Heaven

What Now?

Halottak Napja

Be the First Follower

The Happiness Advantage

168 Hours

AFGE – Another ‘Fun’ Growth Experience

Water Heal My Soul

Musings on Fairness

Tackling the Big Questions

Baby, We Need a Barn-Raising

Companions on the Journey

The Spirituality of Friendship

Rev. Mariana Thompson Folsom (1845-1909)

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

Necessary Endings

But I Don’t Want to Go to Nineveh!

It Will Not Be Easy. It Will Be Worth It.

You Are Enough

What Makes a Community Religious?

Gifts from Both Hands

Not Left to Chance

Tis the Season

Are You Joking?

Bread from Heaven

Stop Raising Tomatoes and Raise Cain

What’s It All About, RE?

Trouble and Toast

Be A Hero

The Most Controversial Thing I’ll Say This Year

The Waters That Bring Us Home

Why We Do What We Do

Stoic Goodwill

A Tribe of 200,000

Let the Mystery Be

Bless Your Heart

New Life, A UU Easter

A Soul-Satisfying Life

What the Heretics Mean by “Holy Spirit”

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

May Nothing Evil

Whiskey or God

Someday at Christmas

Unity in Our Diversity: The Bread Feast

I Need You to Survive

Thankful for the Puritans???

From Eve to Hillary

Breastfeeding on the Battlefield

The Power of Atheism

Right Here, Right Now!

Wrestling with the Angel

Getting Ready to Get Down

Welcome Home!

Making Connections

Muddy Children

When They Came for Lucille Ball

Saying Grace, Being Gratitude

Who’s Calling, Please?

Who are YOU Listening To?

Fun and Games

Standing on the Edge

A Kingly Patriotism

Pages from our Lives

Opening the Question Box

The Stories of Our Lives

The Labyrinth as a Path of Nurturing

A Time to Break the Golden Rule

The Pines, the Ashes, and the Seedlings

The Guinea Worm Straw

Savor or Save

Our Religious Imagination

The Bright Daybreak of Peace

Beyond the Realm of the Reasonable

Syrophoenician Lives Matter

The International Language

Hope and Hopelessness

Unitarian Universalism: Got the T-Shirt!

A Broken Hallelujah