Ready to Enrich Your Connections?

There are SO many great things happening at Live Oak. How do you find your particular niche? And if you’re new, how to you become more involved, and more connected?

Well, you’re already doing one of the best things — you’re reading the newsletter. We promote events in different ways, but we try to always make sure that our weekly newsletter is the definitive source for what’s going on.

But sometimes, it’s nice to move beyond the information sources and have a conversation with someone in the know. Between services, we have an “Enriching Connections” table set up in the narthex. You can stop by, and someone will talk with you about your interests, and groups and events that you may be interested in.

Now, this particular Sunday, you get another great opportunity to hear about what’s happening at Live Oak. We’ll be having our “Fed & Informed” potluck at noon on Sunday. There, you’ll get to nosh on all kinds of yummy stuff, while team chairs will share a little bit about the events they’ll be involved in over the next quarter.

So, Sunday: bring some kind of food or drink to share, and plan to be there at noon. And don’t forget to stop by the ENRICHING CONNECTIONS” table between services!