Off to Reboot My Brain…

Dear Live Oak members,
I’m very sorry, but I can no longer remember words. Or names. Including my own. Anyone else feeling like this?

But I’m sure that unplugging the machine that is my brain should do the trick. It takes a little bit longer for me than my computer, so I’ll be taking vacation August 3-15. After that, I’ll be on study leave, so I can do some reading, and make plans for our next program year. And some focused daydreaming!

During August, I’d love it if you could do some daydreaming, too, around this question: What do we want the story of “Live Oak: The Pandemic Year” to be? What is the story we want members 5 years from now to tell? And what about the story that the larger community will tell of us?

In September, we will gather online to discuss all of our daydreams around this. Rather than simply have events unfold, let’s construct the narrative right now, about a caring community of mission and resiliency. And then we can figure out what we need to do to live out that story.

During August, Assistant Minister Kiya Heartwood is here for you, along with the rest of the pastoral care team. And as always, I’m here for emergencies.

August 30 will be Kiya’s last Sunday with us, before she leaves to take a position in the chaplaincy department of Seton Hospital. At our worship service, we will bid her a fond adieu and give her our wishes for her continued ministry success.

Oh, and keep those “water communion” pictures coming! Email a photo of how you’re enjoying water — drinking from a garden hose, watering plants, wading in a creek — to These will be used in our homecoming service September 6.