Faith Development 3.1.20

Here’s what you need to know!

This week our elementary classes begin a new unit on climate change in conjunction with the theme of our 7th UU principle. Middle school gathers for game day and high school holds their Hang Out Sunday.

Adults are invited to join … read more.

Ministerial Sabbatical 1: Purpose

On April 1, I will begin my sabbatical that
will go through August 31. I have been asked recently if I’m getting excited. Well
… not yet. My colleague, Rev. Sharon Wyle, wrote this before going on her
sabbatical, and it reflects my feelings:

I didn’t … read more.

Chalice Circles vs. Covenant Groups

Teacher (Carrie) and Preacher (Rev. Joanna) answer your questions …

Got a Question? Ask Our Minister or Director of Lifespan Faith Development

“What is the difference between a Chalice Circle and a Covenant Group?”

Great question! These two bear some similarities, in that they both involve Live … read more.

Who’s Who in UU

Rev. Egbert Ethelred Brown, photo from article in The Jamaica-Gleaner

The need to “Christianize Christianity” is “timely and urgent,” the Rev. Ethelred Brown of the Harlem Unitarian Church said yesterday morning in a sermon at the Unitarian Church of All Souls, Eightieth Street and Lexington Avenue. … read more.

Faith Development 2.23.20

Here’s what you need to know!

Harmoni Anderson, our awesome childcare coordinator, is in need of volunteer help. We are actively searching for more childcare staff, but having difficulty filling the position. If parents of children in the nursery, or other adults in the congregation are … read more.

Beta Mode: Fed & Informed

Something that you’ll most likely hear at some point at Live Oak is that we’re “always in beta.” For those not in the world of programming, this refers to when software is put out in a limited release so that users can experiment with it … read more.

Faith Development 2.16.20

Here’s what you need to know!

This Sunday you are encouraged to join us for Fed and Informed as we gather for brunch and a chance to hear what is coming up at Live Oak this Spring.

Adults are encouraged to register for the upcoming Articulating Your … read more.

Locally Relevant

In 2013, as part of the ministerial search process, Live Oak
members were asked to fill out an extensive survey. One question was “What
problems/issues are likely to be pressing in ten years?” Several people
mentioned the geographically surrounding community we’re a part of, and
expressed a desire to … read more.

Faith Development 2.9.20

Here’s what you need to know!

This Sunday you are encouraged to join the all-ages activity in the Fellowship Hall. We will gather between services, at 10 AM, to create valentines for our neighbors at the senior care center next door.

Adults are invited to register for … read more.

Spiritual Nourishment

Last Sunday, I called myself out for an attitude I’ve had: that what is going on in the political world is so “cray-cray” (to quote Rachel Maddow), that I needed to take a break from it all for my mental health. I confess and repent! … read more.