Off to Reboot My Brain…

Dear Live Oak members,
I’m very sorry, but I can no longer remember words. Or names. Including my own. Anyone else feeling like this?

But I’m sure that unplugging the machine that is my brain should do the trick. It takes a little bit longer for … read more.

Faith Development Plans

Faith Development Activities

Family Faith Development – (Children & Youth) Our online RE program will start on August 2 with an initial six sessions. Once we get into mid-September, our focus for the year will be anti-racism/anti-oppression learning together.

The basic plan is to gather each Sunday for … read more.

UU Wellspring “Sources”

“What will you do with this one wild and precious life?” asks the poet Mary Oliver.

UU Wellspring is a 10-month program of distinctly Unitarian Universalist spiritual development designed to help participants answer that provocative question.

I’ve been wanting to offer this deep learning experience since I … read more.

We’re Not Okay…And That’s Okay

It is our practice, even in non-covid times, to begin every church meeting with some sort of a “check-in.” We do this because we are not a business, or a mere social organization, we are a religious community. How you are doing, how the member … read more.

Lessons on Critical Reflection (GA Fahs 2020)

Last week I shared new insights from the follow-up lecture to 2019’s Fahs lecture. This year’s Fahs lecture, entitled “Reflecting Critically on Teachings About Indigenous People,” was presented by Dr. Jean Medoza and Dr. Natalie Martinez. It focused primarily on how the stories we tell … read more.

Faith Development 7.13 to 7.19.20

Faith Development Activities

Looking for ways to connect and deepen your relationship with Live Oak? Remember, you can find information about events on our What’s Happening page, here.

I’m back from a productive study leave and gearing up for the new RE year. We will start with … read more.

A Community of Communities

Graphic created by Paul Cole Jones

Last year at General Assembly in Spokane, Paula Cole Jones presented the Fahs Lecture. She reframed how we look at our congregations and what that shift could mean for building Beloved Community. This year she led a follow-up workshop based … read more.