Name Change

So why did the Facilities Team want to change their name?

When we were that “family” size church, the Facilities Team was responsible for many tasks at the church. If you had a questions, ask the Facilities Team:

What are the plans for future church needs?

Who can rent the building?

What will be the design for the new church street sign?

How should we use the Religious Education rooms?

What should be on the bulletin boards?

Where do we store supplies?

What rooms should be used for specific events?

Why did you change the chancel background for the Sunday morning service?

Who changes the flags and banners hanging on the building?

What do we do with unused and outdated equipment?

How do we get rid of old furniture?

Why didn’t the cleaning crew change the paper towels?

Where are the tables we need for an event?

How many round tableclothes do we have?

The list goes on.

The Facilities Team has been systematically addressing many of the serious problems with our building and grounds.  But first we stopped, took a deep breath, and clarified the team’s mission.  Rather than having a mission that addressed many church needs, we narrowed the mission statement to the following: “The mission of the Facilities Team is to maintain and improve the Live Oak buildings and grounds.”  

Therefore, it is only natural to change the name of the Team!  Our new name is the Building & Grounds Team.  

If you see something that needs repair, please send an email to:

Thanks for all the support this congregation has given to the work of our team – what ever it is called!.  

Tim Buckley

Chair, Building & Grounds Team

And all the members:

Amy Dark
CT Goss
Diane Stepakof-Fay
Donovan Wenger
Hella Holoubek
Jon Durbin
Linda McCullough
Linda Ruchala
Mike Schultz
Sue Buckley
Tim Buckley
Tim Stryker
Wayne McCullough