Milestone Recognition Program

The goal of our Program is to recognize the various milestones that our children and youth attain in their Faith Development through their participation in classes, special events, leadership and elder development.  Upon demonstrating their knowledge or completing an event or activity, they will be awarded a milestone button.  The buttons are being created just for this program, with a special design to recognize that milestone.  Where will they put these, you may be thinking?  New nametags have been created for all the children and youth which have wide ribbon on which to attach the earned buttons.  As children wear their nametags to identify themselves to others in the congregation, they will also be displaying their achievements in Faith Development!

Attainment  of certain buttons will be through a meeting with the DRE, Minister or R.E. Team to demonstrate proficiency in that area.  Others will be awarded for participation.

We will recognize these milestones during Worship Services so that the adult members and friends can support the work of our children and youth as they endeavor to learn, support and enjoy their journey in and into Unitarian Universalism.

Below are the current achievements to attain:

  • Sing the 7 Principles Song
  • Recite Children’s Principles/Promises
  • Attend All Ages Worship (moving up from toddler care during the Worship Services)
  • Recite the Six Sources
  • Recite the Adult version of the Principles
  • Recite the Five Smooth Stones
  • Share highlights of a U.U. Historical Figure
  • Chalice Lighter
  • Worship Acolyte
  • Greeter
  • Helping Hands Club
    • Social Action Project completion
    • Teacher Helper
    • DRE Helper
  • Coming of Age
    • Retreat Participation
    • Completion of the COA Program
    • COA Mentor Program participation
  • YRUU Leader
  • Worship Leader
  • Storyteller
  • Committee Member
  • Youth Rally Attendance
  • General Assembly Attendance
  • District and Regional Event Attendance
  • Associate Membership at Live Oak U.U. Church