Living the Story

Last week, Live Oak members and friends gathered for a Town Hall after the worship service. The question to discuss: what do we want the story of “Live Oak During the Pandemic” to be?

We went into breakout groups for our discussions, then reported back in a large gathering. Many of our groups had similar ideas. Most groups took the time to talk what we’ve been doing since the Pandemic began (and we moved to virtual church) and express their appreciation.

Things mentioned:

  • The continuing service of Fresh Food for All
  • Opportunities to connect
  • Opportunity in Fellowship Time to get “out of our cliques” and get to know other members
  • Increased accessibility for members who couldn’t physically attend Live Oak
  • Having ways to make it easy to help other members, e.g. Geo Groups, The Trading Post
  • Having good – hard – discussions about racism and other oppressions
  • More members providing readings or music for the worship services
  • Enjoying the “chat” in worship and sharing joys/sorrows
  • Safety of members prioritized
  • ABE and ESL thriving online
  • Members moving forward to learn the new tech skills needed at this time

Participants also expressed ideas for action in order to “write the story” we want to create at this time:

  • Finding isolated families or individuals in need to provide support to
  • Diversifying our connections
  • Getting the word out to interested people that we’re here
  • Finding ways to mobilize social action

(There will be a full report in the next Board packet – look for that!)

I was moved from group to group, as we usually do it, and there was one particular response that I heard repeatedly: “It feels like we’re closer than we were even before this.”

Wow. That’s pretty powerful. And you know what else? That speaks to the resilience of this community. We reached out to each other, not physically, but through Zoom, and chat, emails and Facebook.

May we continue, and may we draw the circle even wider.