Our church library celebrated its grand opening on October 26, 2003. Our goal is to provide “good reads” and/or helpful resources, especially spiritual, including significant books on Unitarian Universalism for the entire congregation, young and old. The Library Team helps keep the books shelved in their proper place, catalog and label new books as they come in, and generally help keep the library up to date and looking tidy. The Library is housed in room 101. We specialize in spirituality books, but there are books of all kinds. There is a children’s corner with a kids’ spirituality section, as well.

Here are some frequently asked questions about how it works, followed by the current library news items.

FAQ – Live Oak Library

Q. Are you using the Dewey Decimal system?
A. Yes. We originally made up our own in the true UU tradition, but are slowing moving to Dewey.

Q. Can I just take a book?
A. Well, sure, after you check it out.

Q. How do I check a book out?
A. On the table in the library foyer is a Check-Out clipboard for you to use when you check out a book and return it. Simple and easy for your reading pleasure!

Q. Do you want donations?
A. Yes! Remember, we’d love to have you donate a book that had an impact on your life to share with the congregation!

Q. Used books – any kind?
A. We’ll take anything with the understanding that we may decide to sell it as a fundraiser. Books (for both kids and adults) about spirituality are preferred.

Q. Can my child hang out here?
A. Parents can judge whether their child is responsible enough not to need adult supervision. Books don’t have to be put away, but please make sure the area is tidy.

Library News

Dewey is in the Live Oak Library! Slowly, but surely your team of library helpers are making headway in the reorganization and re-cataloging of all the books to the Dewey Decimal System. Each book that we’ve re-cataloged has been entered into a computer program called Library Thing that everyone will can access. To search the library, use this link to Library Thing.

A complete explanation was sent out on the email lists. If you’d like more details, email Carolyn Dower: library@liveoakuu.org.