Let’s Make a Summer Camp!

– Let’s Make A Summer Camp!

Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church’s Religouis Education Intern, Corinna Lewis asked Rev. Joanna and I what was something the R.E. Program has always wished they could do?  This is what Corinna has chosen to take on as a project and here is what she has to say:

Yes, school has started, so what better time to start planning a Live Oak summer camp for next year?  Hi! My name is Corinna Whiteaker-Lewis, and some of you may have met me this summer as Patty Bissar’s intern. (When I grow up, I want to be a Director of Religious Education, just like her!) Recently Patty and I were chatting about her hopes, dreams, and wishes for Religious Education at Live Oak, and she mentioned how badly this community would like to host a summer camp. So, let’s make that happen! I would love to help facilitate the creation of a summer camp here at Live Oak.  To that end, I invite all those interested to a brainstorming session on Wednesday, September 14th at 7:00 in Room 203

This session will be a 1-hr facilitated discussion to cover such topics as the creation of a planning group, themes, volunteer recruitment and responsibilities, dates and length of camp, target age groups, and more.

All interested folks are welcome – parents (or not), youth, teachers, those with camp experience, you name it! Also, please come even if you cannot volunteer during the camp! This brainstorming session is about generating ideas for the camp, not a commitment to volunteer.

Any questions? Please contact me at corinnawl@gmail.com. I look forward to seeing you on Sept. 14th.