Every six months, volunteers from area churches work on repairing, painting, and upgrading the homes of elderly and/or disabled people in the Austin Area. This helps the homeowner to maintain the home and stay in the home.

Hands on Housing is sponsored by Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT), which supplies paint, tools, supplies and a lunch. Live Oak UU supports this worthy program as part of our Outreach Ministry, to “move our hands in the shape of justice.”

We are partnering with First UU Church of Austin and any other UU churches in the area that wish to join us. First UU has a new HoH coordinator and a team in place to plan this event.

Volunteers are needed at all skill levels. Val Episcopo will have a signup sheet in FH on Sunday. One new wrinkle – all volunteers must be sixteen years of age or above. This comes from iACT, and is likely related to insurance liability.

Wayne McCullough, HoH Volunteer Coordinator for LOUU

The goal is to help these homeowners safely remain in the homes and neighborhoods they love.

Learn more about the iAct Hands on Housing Program.

Hands-on-Housing project was completed May 2, 2015

House painting project, Spring 2014

Volunteers from Live Oak and First UU of Austin worked on the “Raise the Roof” Hands-on-Housing project on Saturday, October 26th. Hands-on-Housing is a joint project between congregations and Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT). HoH helps elderly and/or disabled people to remain in their homes by improving the safety and liveability of their homes through volunteer cleanup, painting, repair, and construction projects. Many thanks go out to the following Live Oak members and friends who signed up for this project: Donovan Wenger, Douglas Martin, Judy Snape, Mary Scheffler, Jeanne Kyser, Ricky Maze, Hella Holoubek, Sharon and Dave Fitzpatrick, Jim Mitchell, Audrey Lewis, Michaela Hoffmeyer, and Richard Furney.

Mission Statement:

To lead actions of compassiom beyond the Live Oak community by working in conjunction with iAct (Interfaith Action of Central Texas) and their Hands on Housing outreach initiative to repair and revitalize the homes of senior citizens and disabled homeowners who are living in deep poverty.