Invite Friends for June 16!

Sunday, June 16 (so the Sunday after this upcoming one) is our annual “Question Box” service. Do you have friends who have been curious about whether Live Oak – and Unitarian Universalism – might be a good fit for them? This is a great service to invite them to!

For those who haven’t experienced Question Box Sunday before, here’s what you can expect: during “The Big Idea,” I’ll answer questions that the kids have submitted to me earlier. (By asking for their questions ahead of time, they get to discuss with the adults some of the questions they have, and pick out one that is really important to them.)

During the service, we request that youth and adults write down any questions they have on an index card. These will be taken up during the service and quickly sorted by me, putting similar questions together.

Then, during the sermon time, I am flying without a net! Questions about Live Oak, Unitarian Universalism, current events – these are some of the questions I’ve received over the years, and more. I answer them right then and there.

I never have enough time for all the questions, so those that I can’t answer often become topics for newsletter columns and other sermons.

And the music! That’s spontaneous, too. Come to church a few minutes early because we’ll be asking you to write down some of your favorite hymns. When it’s time to sing, Rebecca will draw out a slip, and we sing whatever is on it.*

So, contact your friends now! Ask them to join you June 16! And as always, tell them to bring their questions. Because we’re #ThatKindOfChurch.



*subject to Rebecca’s approval. Hey, some songs are great for spontaneity, and some aren’t.