Signature Outreach Project with HCCM

A few years ago the Live Oak congregation voted to support a “Signature Outreach” project.  We partnered with HCCM because it is a coalition of churches that provides food, clothing and other assistance for people in crisis and those living in poverty in southwest Williamson and northwest Travis counties.  


The HCCM goal “to serve our clients with dignity and compassion in an atmosphere of neighbor helping neighbor” fits right in with our Mission of ENRICHING CONNECTION with our neighbors.  So a partnership was formed.


One of HCCM’s priorities is providing food to neighbors in need.  They maintain Food Pantry that is supplemented by food from Central Texas Food Bank. And additional food is purchased from HEB. Last year, HCCM distributed nearly 5,000 family food orders, 335 tons of food, 560,000 meals!


Live Oak Church has committed to being a distribution center for food on the 3rd Fridays of the month.  So on Friday morning from 9am to 11am fresh food is distributed from a HCCM truck. The church parking lot becomes a community distribution center.  And it is exciting to have neighbors come and directly benefit by receiving nutritious food.


But the work is not limited to the distribution of food on Friday morning.  Thursday afternoon a truck full of food is delivered to HCCM from the Central Texas Food Bank.  That food comes in large bulk containers and needs to be divided into smaller more manageable packages for the Friday distribution.  Members of Live Oak Church volunteer their time to this important task.


We can measure the amount of food distributed by the pounds of food and numbers of people who stop and pick up food.  On a Friday, August 17th, 53 families collected food and a estimated total of 167 individuals family members will enjoy meals of fresh vegetables.  On Friday morning it is estimated that 2,767 pounds of food was distributed.


Yes the hungry are being fed, yet it is the exchange with our neighbors that is important.  It is when we learn that a mother’s food stamps were used up for the month and the fresh food will sustain her for the rest of the month.  And the disabled grandmother who relies on our food because she is caring for her grandchild.


A special THANK YOU to all the volunteers who package food on Thursdays and distribute food on Fridays.    


Direct question to: Donna Durbin