Faith Development 4.6 – 4.12

Send your submissions to dlfd at liveoakuu dot org by April 20th.

Faith Development Activities

Watch for a very special activity on this website Easter Sunday! Check the post that day for instructions on how to participate.

Newly forming: online visit with Ms Harmoni, our wonderful Childcare Coordinator. It was so sweet seeing them say hello to her on Sunday during coffee hour. Parents of nursery and preschool children at Live Oak, please check your email for a poll to determine a best time for this activity. It will be brief check-in (no more than 30 minutes) with your children, and will include a story or song.

Please note new time for Children and Families check-in. School is back in session online, so we will meet after school for a check-in and time to see each other! We will gather at 4:00 on Wednesdays. Youth will gather on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m for a check-in and to play some games. Registered families will find the zoom links in their email and also in the FB groups for Live Oak. If you aren’t registered but are interested in joining, please email dlfd at liveoakuu dot org.

Everyone can keep up to date each week with the information found here. Adult programming is still taking place, but online. More opportunities will open up as people organize them. Have an idea you are willing to lead? Let me know, and stay tuned for more chances to gather online.

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*See* you on Sunday,