Faith Development News 1.13.19

Here’s what you need to know this week!

We are back to all classes meeting at their scheduled time. Sixth graders will return to youth group and 5th graders will join their class in Room 206. Eighth graders will join the older youth in Room 209. Now that our elementary OWL class is over, we are in need of more elementary teachers so we can split classes more evenly. If you are interested in helping teach this spring, especially in the elementary classes, please contact me and we can talk. Faith Development classes can’t happen without your support. Join the team!

High School OWL (grades 10-12) is coming this spring. The facilitators will meet later this month to determine the calendar and schedule the parent orientation, so stay tuned. The class will meet on Sunday afternoons with the exact time and dates TBD. Class space will be limited with priority given to Live Oak families.

??? – Contact Carrie Krause,