“Faith Development is all we do…”

Really? Way to outline my job description in broad terms. But just so you know, all we do is not part of my job description. When we say faith development is all we do, as Rev. Joanna said on Sunday, we mean that everything we do together furthers our faith development, and how we are together– the ethos or culture of our congregation — is the curriculum.

All of you are doing faith development in many ways through your service to the congregation or your involvement in various groups. My role as Director of Lifespan Faith Development is more narrow, and while I do take a balcony view of the congregation sometimes, my focus is on classes, groups, and events that challenge you to spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of Unitarian Universalism.

So, what do I do? Most of you see me on Sunday morning when I’m busy meeting people, making sure everything is set up for the day and getting everyone to the place they are supposed to be that day. It is when I’m likely to be most distracted and unable to fully engage in a conversation about my life. The regular work week is when the majority of my tasks are accomplished. Here is an incomplete list for anyone interested:

  • program development and curriculum curation and writing for all ages
  • volunteer wrangling
  • input into worship planning/review
  • pastoral care issues
  • wider leadership work with other religious professionals
  • critical reading for ideas, trends, professional development and new ways to support Live Oak
  • publicity creation
  • administrative tasks, like registration, documentation, hiring, records updates, etc.
  • classroom prep – supplies gathered, purchased, prepared

I’m looking forward to this year of faith development with all of you. I hope you will let me know what you find valuable and meaningful and will participate as part of our covenant to encourage and support each other in our spiritual growth.

See you on Sunday!

Carrie Krause, DLFD
Monday and Friday I work from home. Office hours are flexible, T-W 9-4, Th 9-1:30. Please call ahead for an appointment.