Faith Development 4.21.19

Here’s what you need to know this week!


Upcoming Adult RE


Join the Social Action Forum on April 28, 10 AM, as we wrap up our year of conversations with “What’s Next for You?”

Fuller Theological Conversations: Ecclesiology (Our Walls) – Join our final theological conversation for the year at 10 AM on May 5, as we talk about what holds Unitarian Universalism together as a religious community – Covenant and Polity.

Summer Musings on the Message will begin on June 9. Each Sunday at 11 AM you are invited to join a discussion on the worship message in Room 109. These conversations are not a critique of the service, but a chance to reflect on how the message spoke to you, what challenged you or comforted you in your faith development journey.

Children & Youth

Coming this week, our annual Easter Egg Hunt. I still need more help to make this even happen. Please sign up here and make it a successful and fun morning!

Next week will be our final discussion on pneumatology. As we approach the end of our RE year, are you interested in learning more about what we do in our RE classes? Would observing help you feel confident leading over the summer or next year? We are having an open house on May 5th or 12th. Of course, parents are always welcome to observe their child’s class, just let us know you are coming.

High School Save the Date: Overnight at Live Oak for members of our high school youth group, May 4-5, 7 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next morning. We will need rovers (four total) and some help with breakfast. A sign-up will be sent out to High School families in the next two weeks. Please step up to help out!

Summer RE Leaders sign-up is now available. Don’t forget that youth are encouraged to sign up to help lead as well! See the poster in the Narthex, or sign up online at Books and Cooks.

Questions??? – contact Carrie Krause,