Faith Development 1.18 to 1.24.21

Sunday Workshop

Saying Yes, Saying No: 1/24, 1:00 – 2:30 PM

This Sunday, ages 14 and up are invited to join a workshop led by Heather Vickery of UU College of Social Justice. “Saying Yes and Saying No is built around a centering and discernment practice that helps anyone working for justice say NO in order to empower our YES. This is especially helpful for activists who feel that their work is too dispersed or overwhelming, and want to be more focused and engaged.”

Online Anti-Racist Learning Book Group

Registration is open and available HERE. Information will be sent to registrants by 1/31 and our reading begins February 15. The focus of this asynchronous book group is to build our anti-racism muscle (the heart is a muscle and responds to exercise!) through reading and reflection. Based on interest, there may be two levels offered — one for those who feel they are just beginning the journey of understanding, and one for those who have already been reading and working on their own. We all must start somewhere and we support each other in our learning because that is what our Unitarian Universalist principles call us to do.

Rather than meet online over Zoom, participants respond, once a week, to a set of questions related to the reading. Participants read ~10 pages a day and commit to post their own reflection, and read those of others, responding as moved. We will use Padlet for our forum. Those who register will receive more information about utilizing Padlet for our reflections.

Faith Development for Families

Parents as Sexuality Educators Small Group Ministry

A small group is forming for a series of facilitated discussions on how to support the sexuality development of your children and youth. You can read more about it in this article. Information will be coming by early next week on how to sign up and provide input on what is best time for the group to meet. Keep watching Interest and Events and your email. This group will begin meeting in February.

RE Class Times: (subject to change with advance notice)
PreK – 9:15 to 9:45 AM NOTE NEW TIME
K-5th – 11:30 – 12:15
6th-8th – 11:30 – 12:15
9th-12th — Meetings will be announced as they occur

This Sunday, our Pre-K class will hear a story about a lost teddy bear who finds his way back. Our elementary classes continue their exploration into becoming more anti-racist. K-2 will look at racial injustice in relationship to our history of human rights in the US. 3rd-5th grade will lean into a better understanding of the harm of stereotyping and prejudice. Middle school will look at lessons of truth from world religions using video clips from Little Buddha. Links to our classes are sent to registered families.

New to Live Oak? If you are interested in visiting a class, and are not registered for RE, please send me an email at You can register by clicking HERE.

Can’t make the scheduled RE time? No worries. As we say, families are the primary religious educators. All lesson plans are available to registered families via Live Oak Padlet. (Registration link in sidebar.) Lesson plans on the site include optional activities for home related to each session.

Don’t forget to visit the Parent Resource page on our website for ways to support your family.

Adult Faith Development

Monthly Learning Opportunities

Each month this winter our Adult Faith Team will be promoting a learning opportunity around justice issues. In January we encourage you to participate in a workshop led by UU College of Social Justice and planned/hosted by the Social Justice ministry team at Live Oak. Saying Yes, Saying No. Info at the top of this page.

Monday Meditation

Join Carrie at 7:00 AM on Mondays for a check-in and brief meditation and intention setting time for the week ahead. Link on the What’s Happening page.

Chalice Circles

Chalice Circles have kicked off, but remain open to new members as there is space. Register HERE. Need more information about Chalice Circles? Find it here.

Have an idea for a one time or ongoing online gathering that you are willing to lead? If you do, let us know and we’ll help with scheduling and publicity. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter for opportunities for online engagement.

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