Elves Needed or “What the heck is a bobeche?”

The holidays are fast approaching. Do you have a little time/energy to help out at Live Oak? We’ve got some small tasks that I’m sure will give you a tremendous feeling of satisfaction! Am I overselling them? Well, there will definitely be a tremendous feeling of appreciation for your service!

One of my kids (no lie) last week said, “YAY! Only two weeks til the bread service!” She loves getting in touch with the liturgical pieces that connect her to heritage and community. (Total lie. I’m pretty sure she’s in it for the delicious carbs.)

It takes many hands doing small tasks to have our bread service (November 24) run smoothly. No experience needed. Can you bring a few bottles of cider or loan us a good bread knife? Can you fill a cup with the cider, slice bread, or fold up a tablecloth? Then we need you! Sign up today: http://bit.ly/breadtasks

The last few years, Live Oak has partnered with Shir Ami to have an “Interfaith Pajama Storytime.” (Dec. 8, 5 pm). It’s a fun event that benefits PajamaProgram.org. Can you provide cookies and milk for that, or decorate a box where people can put their donations of new pajamas and storybooks? If so, let me know! minister@liveoakuu.org

It’s November, but we’re already thinking ahead to Christmas Eve. We hold a candlelight Christmas Eve service, and along with being a deeply meaningful tradition for members, it’s our largest outreach event of the entire year, as many of our neighbors and their families join us. Can you help us prepare by waxing off the bobeches?

No, this isn’t a secret passcode phrase for spies. Every Christmas Eve, we use bobeches – plastic “cups” — to keep the drippings from the candles from escaping. Rather than toss these into a landfill, we want to reuse them. The job entails soaking bobeches in hot water, wiping the wax off, and disposing of the waxy water outside (not down the sink). Can be done at your house, or the church. Let me know if this is a task you can take on! minister@liveoakuu.org

used bobeches

For many years, we held a simple Christmas Eve reception after the service. Last year, we experimented with skipping that. Some of you told us you missed the reception. (It would also be a great way to offer hospitality to our guests and let them know a little more about Live Oak.) In order for us to have a reception, we need a few people to be willing to set out cookies/coffee/etc. Executive Team member Lee Collins has already volunteered, but she can’t do it alone. If you’re willing, either talk to her, or send an email to executiveteam@liveoakuu.org.

Thank you!