Don’t be afraid of some change …

Our new church year begins this Sunday! We are back to two worship services, at 9 and 11 am, with faith development classes at 10 am.

And the order and some of the elements of our worship service change, too! We do this every year, to keep things fresh, and to adapt our service to changing circumstances.

What you’ll see this year: a little bit more ritual — I’m hearing more people talk about the need to ritually acknowledge the complexities of living right now. Some words of assurance that I found from the Universalist Humiliati, that lift up the sacred humanism that is at the core of our religion. And words of celebration to end every service, to be reminded that life is a gift.

There are some structural changes, too. We’re going to experiment with not having the children come forward, since worship is the time we are all one community, not separate groups of members. But for them — and anyone else who wants to move around — we’ll have an altar in front, with a basket of objects. Feel free to come forward and add something to the altar during the service.

Your feedback matters. This is the other benefit of changing the liturgy every year. It can always be changed the next year! The offering is now after the sermon, based on the feedback of the members who frequently fill the role of “offering counter” and sometimes missed part of the sermon.

What I’d love from you: I’d love to use more readers, of all ages. Would you be willing to occasionally do a reading? (The words will be provided to you.) Let me know!

See you Sunday!