A Cure for the Back to School Crazies!

It’s that time of year. If your children attend school and haven’t started yet, they will soon. There are shopping lists for school supplies, for clothes, for lunch items. Families are inundated with paperwork galore. You might be grappling with anxiety or tears (maybe even yours) as your child or youth enters a new grade or a new school.

Then, add to that the increase in morning traffic on your way to work and the evening demands to get the family settled so they can get up early the next morning and start all over again. It isn’t always easy to shift our routines from summer to fall! Before you know it you will be back in the swing of things and longing for the extended time you had with your children or youth over the summer.

Want a break from the crazies? Consider joining us for worship on a Sunday morning. You’ll have the opportunity to feed your soul and to share sacred time with your family in a loving, accepting community. Come sing, reflect, learn, share and build your reserves for the week ahead. While children are in religious education classes, visit with other families in our Fellowship Hall and make new connections.

We are all on this journey together and we’d love to have you join us. See you on Sunday!

Carrie Krause, Director of Lifespan Faith Development