Do you have a burning coal inside? An issue or a ministry to make the world better that you are called to? How can Live Oak UU Church help you with that?

This is separate from issues that we take on, as a congregation. We want to make a space for offering support for our individual issues, so that we can learn from, encourage, and embolden each other. I heard UMC minister Mike Slaughter refer to this when he said, “At our church, if someone tells us they see a burning bush – we want to throw gasoline on it!”

We want to know about both your practical needs – meeting space, grant-writing training, etc. — as well as what you need to strengthen your soul so that you can keep answering your call. Are you a caregiver who would like to meet regularly with other caregivers? An activist who wants to delve into the theology that drives you?

Let us know. Email the Executive Team — let us know what your “burning coal” is. If you know of something that would help you, tell us that, too.