This past Sunday, we held our first UU Village. Several of the teachers and the DRE dressed up as UU Super Heroes and Sheroes. Joseph Priestley, Julia Ward Howe, Clara Barton and Sophia Lyons Fahs came to visit. The children engaged in fun lessons led by our famous UU’s. Clara Barton spoke about the Red Cross and the children made first aid kits. Joseph Priestley led a pentathlon so the children could experience Priestley’s journey to America and some of his inventions, such as soda water. Fruit punch soda was delicious. Julia Ward Howe’s lesson was on the song she wrote about war – “Battle Hymn of the Republic;” the regret she felt about the song and working for Peace, wherein she created the first Mother Peace Day.  Sophia Lyon Fahs spoke about changing the course of UU Religious Education. She encouraged children to use their imagination and learn from their experiences – this is how Faith is developed. Sophia wrote several books. One of her famous writings is in our Hymnal, Reading No. 616 – “For So The Children Come.” This reading is often used in Worship Services during December. The famous line is “Each Night a Child is Born is a Holy Night.” The children engaged in a maker’s station because Sophia encouraged her own children to make the toys they played with to develop their imaginations. Their creativity was soaring with the wonderful creations they crafted and the stories that surrounded their pieces. Our overall lesson from UU historical figures is that we should never be afraid to think outside the box; to let our imaginations guide us in helping others, making the world a better place and have loads of fun together in our community!