Stewardship season is here, and Celebration Sunday is this week! Every year, we canvass the congregation to see what each member plans on pledging to Live Oak over the next calendar year. From there, we are able to make our annual budget. There, we put the foundations under our “castles in the air” – assigning the dollar amounts for creating the programs and plans we’ve been dreaming about.

One of my favorite traditions about Stewardship at our church are the testimonies, where members share why they are committed to the mission of Live Oak. This year, we made them into videos, which we’ve shared during the service, and out on social media. We began with just a couple of people, but then had bunches more who wanted to “testify” – so many that our last two videos feature several members!

Here are the ones we’ve shared thus far. There will be a final one airing this Sunday, during the worship service.