On Facebook this week, I posed the question: “What is something (doesn’t have to be big) that you do on a regular basis that brings you joy?”

I’ve already received 97 responses.

Turns out, lots of people make a regular practice of joy. Many referenced nature – taking walks in a beautiful area, watching hummingbirds, taking photos of plants and flowers. Many others mentioned relationships – hugging and cuddling their children, pets, or partners. Some mentioned doing something creative – making music, dancing, painting. And a couple admitted that they didn’t have an immediate answer, they had to really think about it.

It can be easy to slip into being too busy for joy, too stressed for mindfulness. I would challenge that the consequences are too important. There is a story of someone happening upon another person in a forest, who is working diligently, trying to cut down a tree with a dull axe. The first person asks, “Why don’t you sharpen your axe?” The second says, “I don’t have time to!”

Seeking joy, being mindful of the moments that replenish us, sharpens our axe. Moments of joy – appreciating a hot cup of coffee, reading a book to a child – put our busy lives into a context of meaning. We can better see why we do what we do. And joy fills up our tank, giving us inspiration.

What brings you joy?

Note: one thing that brings me joy is interacting with church members on Facebook. Feel free to “friend” me at https://www.facebook.com/joanna.crawford.