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Your Money or Your Life

The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote: "At rock bottom we are neither poets, athletes, nor artists; our existence is centered in the fact that we are consumers, because we first must eat and have shelter to live. This is a difficult confession for a preacher to make, and it is a phenomenon against which I will continue to rebel, but it remains a fact that ‘consumption’ of goods and services is the raison d’être of the vast majority of Americans."

How do we engage with the consumer-driven culture we live in, and find our way to economic wholeness for ourselves and our society?

Rev. Kathleen Ellis

Rev. Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis served as a part time minister from May 2004 to April 2012. We were extremely fortunate to have a highly skilled, experienced, and well-thought-of minister on our staff! Kathleen is a spokesperson for numerous Social Justice causes as well as an accomplished musician. Rev. Ellis can be reached by email at kellis@uuma.org.



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