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Wednesday, December 17, 6:30 pm
Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford

A 'Blue Christmas' Vespers

Some years, the holiday season serves as a magnifying glass for our sadness. Please join us for this service as we open a space for feelings of grief and loss, and a time for reflection.

Pastoral Care

Mission Statement: to provide compassionate care and practical support to members and friends of the congregation during life transitions,hospitalizations or other crises.

The Pastoral Care Team provides a vital function for the pastoral concerns of members, friends and their families. This is the compassionate heart-center of Live Oak. Each of us is called to minister to those around us, but this team is the organizational center of pastoral care.

If you, or anyone you know, have circumstances or concerns with which the Pastoral Care Team can be helpful, please email pastoralcare@liveoakuu.org.

Pastoral Care Team Minister and Chair

Ways that the Pastoral Care Team May Be Able to Help

Support offered for:

  • Home Meals
  • Arranging for emergency child care
  • Transportation ( for services, medical appointments,groceries)
  • Errands, Odd Jobs
  • Visiting members and friends in the hospital or other facilities
  • Spiritual and Emotional Issues
  • Memorial service set up and clean up
  • Coordinating member care with the support of neighborhood groups and small group ministry (also known as Chalice Circles)
  • Communication of community resources and contact information

Members shall:

  • Adhere to ethical guidelines, particularly confidentiality and privacy concerns.
  • Communicate spoken and written joys and concerns
  • Practice self-care, including consultations with a minister, if needed.
  • Keep team members informed about pastoral needs in the congregation.
  • Attend monthly meetings or let the team know otherwise.

Pastoral Care Resource Guide

The Pastoral Care Team has developed a Resource Guide which contains information on the many agencies in the community that help people in different types of crisis. A hard copy of the Guide is located in the entry to the library. The index to the Guide, with links, can be found online at Pastoral Care Resources.

Ministerial Discretionary Fund

Some assistance is available to members who suffer financial setbacks. This fund is disbursed at the discretion of the Live Oak minister. The use of this fund is not discussed with members of the Pastoral Care Team. Only the minister, the church treasurer, and bookkeeper know of this transaction. All three are bound by ethical guidelines related to confidentiality.

End of Life Form

The Pastoral Care team has developed a form that is intended to provide guidance in planning for End of Life situations. See the End of Life form on the Forms page.

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