There is a buzz both in the church and in my head as we take care of all the last minute details of preparing for the Installation and Reception/Party/Hootenanny afterwards. Such a flurry of activity, and so exciting!

As I have been putting the service together, I was struck by these words that have been used in countless installations, “We have called you to live among us.” It is an unusual profession, in which part of my calling is to mix my life with yours; my family comes to my workplace every Sunday, and during the past year, we have all been getting to know each other’s stories.

I am humbled and thankful for the chance to do this. As I’ve remarked before, Live Oak is the church that I would want to belong to, even if I weren’t the minister. It is a privilege, this “living among you,” and I’m honored to be able to be a part of your lives, and to be your minister.