Occasionally I will have a dream where I discover a new room in my house. Those who are expert at interpreting dreams say that the important part is how the dreamer feels about finding the new room. Do they want to close the door and walk away? Does the room make them excited or wary?

I’ve always been happy – extremely happy – about finding the new room, so much so that I wake up still ebullient. Those dream interpreters say I need to look at my life and ask "What is the new room I can find here?" Maybe it’s a new skill, or maybe it’s more about my circumstance and learning something new.

We begin our second year together now. I think over the past year, I’ve found all the literal rooms at Live Oak, but I’m still excited about the metaphorical new rooms I’ll stumble upon. Some of those new rooms are interests and talents that members have. Dreams that we can make reality. Some "rooms" will be new members themselves…and long-time members. I’ve gotten to know many of the Live Oak folks this past year, but there are still many who have stories I know little about.

I can’t wait to hear your story.