The Policy Committee discussed the Right Relations ad-hoc task force report at its July 2012 meeting. The Policy Committee requested that the ad-hoc committee bring recommendations to the August Policy Committee. The Policy Committee agreed that the term “healthy relations” was preferable to “right relations” and determined that there are significant differences between the skills necessary to write physical safety policies and healthy relationship policies. Our recommendations are based on this guidance.


Safe Congregation task force

Establish a Safe Congregation task force that is charged with reviewing, updating and creating policies and procedures that address the physical safety of members, renters and other attendees at Live Oak functions. It is expected that the work of the Safe Congregation task force will include such things as:

  • The establishment, communication and update cycle of a comprehensive evacuation plan;
  • Development of a fire safety training plan that includes the importance of fire doors, fire drills, use of fire extinguishers, and use of the kitchen range hood.

All policies, procedures and plans must identify:

  • training needs: frequency; who requires training and who will provide it
  • a review and update cycle with responsibility assigned to a specific committee or team.

We recommend the identification of the Safe Congregation ad-hoc task force members as soon as possible. Work should be completed in less than four months and will require coordination with Facilities and RE in particular.

Work was begun on a Security 101 plan in September 2008. The new team assigned to write the set of Safe Congregation Policies and Procedures may be able to build on that effort if the work product can be located. Live Oak’s insurance company, Church Mutual, can provide additional assistance.

It is critical that these plans be well-communicated. Training will have to be incorporated into many areas, such as building use training, Greeter training, RE teacher training and kitchen training. The policies and procedures must be maintained in a readily accessible location.

Once the policies related to this effort are in place the Safe Congregation ad-hoc task force can disband. The Safe Congregation function will be assigned to the Facilities Team. The Executive Team will monitor adherence to the Safe Congregation Policies and Procedures.

Mission Statement:

To assess and address safety issues at Live Oak.