A brief, very brief description of what the team does:

Once a week or every two weeks, depending on what events have occurred at the church and how full the five blue bins and two white bins are, collect the items to be recycled from these 7 areas of the church:

  • Five Blue bins located:
    • In the Office, by the copier
    • In the Office, under Diane’s desk
    • In the corner of the Narthex, to the left of the entry doors
    • In the entrance to the Library, under the table
    • In the RE’s (Patty Bissar’s) Office upstairs, under the credenza to the left when entering
    • There is one extra blue bin that is used for collection and transport, so as to make sure the bins at the other stations remain available.
  • Two blue bins (look like tall trash receptacles) marked as Recycle on the lid:
    • In the Narthex, to the left of the entry doors
    • In the Fellowship Hall, to the left of the entry doors
    • These bins have plastic bags inside. Because sometimes there isn’t enough to warrant taking the whole bag out, so their content is added to my collection in the blue bin along with the paper. We keep a few extra new bags in the bottom of each bin for simplicity, and there are additional replacements in the kitchen pantry (bottom shelf on the left).

Sometimes just regular trash gets put in a bin, so after getting home, the material is examined and what cannot be recycled is toss.

It takes about 15 minutes or so to make the collection and approximately the same amount of time to sort and dispose of the material.

For several years, the recycling was taken directly to the Round Rock City Recycling Center on Deepwoods Dr. off RM620. That can still be done if necessary, although you have to be a RR resident to use that particular center. There are other centers if you’re not.

If you have a recycle service and a large recycling bin at home now, just use your bin to dispose of the recyclable material.

Mission Statement:

This team handles recycling at the Church.

Active State: Active

Group Type: Team

Contact Person: Donovan Wenger

Contact Email: recycling@liveoakuu.org

Ministry: Administration and Operations

Group’s Parent Group: Facilities Team