The Labyrinth Team is a small but enthusiastic group. We meet mostly by email,, but once a year in November, we have dinner and schedule our walks for the next year.

Volunteers: We are looking for additional members for the Labyrinth Team, or for volunteers to join us in planning one of our community walks. We also invite volunteers to help maintain the labyrinth.

See a bird’s eye view of our Labyrinth. Please join us!

If you have never walked the Labyrinth before, come 15 minutes early for an introduction to the Labyrinth. No experience necessary!

Mission Statement:

The Labyrinth Team provides opportunities for earth-based spiritual enlightenment (for both groups and individuals) and community celebrations.

Active State: Active

Group Type: Team

Contact Person: Linda Webster

Contact Email:

Group Email List:

Group Meeting Date: We meet irregularly, usually twice a year, and plan 6 months to a year in advance.

Ministry: Spiritual Life

Group’s Parent Group: Executive Team