Mission Statement:

The mission of the Buildings and Grounds Team is to maintain and improve the Live Oak facilities.


This is a very active “hands on” team.  They meet monthly, and review active projects members are coordinating and plan for future expenditures for improvements.  The usual time for meeting is the second Monday of each month at 7pm at the church. 

Please check the CHURCH CALENDAR for room location.

The Building & Grounds Team also maintains a list of Willing Workers who volunteer to work on specific projects at the church.  When your name is added to the Willing Worker List, you will receive an email when there is a task at the church needing helpers. The email message will give the time workers are needed and a brief description of the task.  You agree to review the email and if you are available to help. Simply respond to the sender if you can be of help.  The tasks can range from painting a room to unloading a shipment of chairs from a truck.

If you would like your name added to the list of Willing Worker, please complete a brief form.  It is asking for your email address and cell phone number in case there may be a last minute change in plans. 


The leader of the Buildings & Grounds Team would be happy to answer any questions, Send email to: The Building & Grounds Team Leader