Children & Social Action

When I started at Live Oak there was a wonderful practice of engaging children and youth in social action projects. One of those projects is Homeless Helper bags that congregants purchase and then distribute when they are out and about. There is no doubt that these bags helped the few people who were reached in our efforts. And the children and youth who participated learned more about homelessness and compassion in the process. However, this year, along with a different type of donation, we are engaging in a different kind of action.

This Sunday, November 14, our K-7th grade students will gather to create personal care kits for young adults in crisis. Because our best and most effective social action efforts are not isolated, but are in partnership with community activists and organizations, this year’s kits will be donated to Street Youth Ministry. This is a local organization that provides services to homeless young adults, age 28 and under. You can read more about the work they do at (For those concerned, there is no statement of faith or adherence to creed required to receive their services.)

Cindy La Greca received donations to stock this effort. Some of you have also donated toothbrushes and floss to the cause. If anyone would like to bring additional toothbrushes, razors, or deodorant, please have them to the church no later than 10:15 this Sunday.

You may also choose to support our efforts by making a donation on Sunday. The children/youth will be accepting cash or you can donate online using the link in the sidebar of our website. Please allocate non-pledge offering/RE fundraising for your donation.

Thank you for supporting this important learning opportunity for our children and youth.

See you on Sunday!

Carrie, DLFD