Chalice Circles vs. Covenant Groups

Teacher (Carrie) and Preacher (Rev. Joanna) answer your questions …

Got a Question? Ask Our Minister or Director of Lifespan Faith Development

“What is the difference between a Chalice Circle and a Covenant Group?”

Great question! These two bear some similarities, in that they both involve Live Oak members getting together, which enriches connections.

But Chalice Circles fall under the Faith Development ministry, while Covenant Groups are in the Congregational Life ministry.

The dominant purpose of Chalice Circles is faith development. Here, you have the time to dig deep into your beliefs, and listen to the thoughts of others, in a supportive covenantal environment. Chalice Circles are intentionally open to new members at regular intervals, and are created in coordination with the Director of Lifespan Faith Development. Materials for Chalice Circles are provided by the DLFD or minister.

Covenant groups are based around a common interest: crafts, parenting, books, etc. To start a group, you need a minimum of 5 people, with at least 3 of them Live Oak members, and they are approved by the Executive Team. Covenant groups are “in covenant” with Live Oak, as well as the members of the group being in covenant with one another. Groups are responsible for creating their own programs, e.g. choosing which books to read, or which projects to begin.

So, in a nutshell:

Chalice Circles: Short-term groups focused on faith development.
Covenant Groups: Based around a common interest, in covenant with Live Oak but they create their own programs.